Reading List 2


February 1, 2019

The cold weather is here. Stay in and read some papers! Here is our list this week:

  1. de la Malla C, Brenner E, de Haan EHF, and Smeets JBJ (2019). A visual illusion that influences perception and action through the dorsal pathway. Communications Biology 2, 38.

  2. Giri B, Miyawaki H, Mizuseki K., Cheng S., and Diba K. (2019). Hippocampal reactivation extends for several hours following novel experience. J. Neurosci. 39(5):866-875

  3. Parra LC, Haufe S, and Dmochowski JP (2018). Correlated Components Analysis - Extracting Reliable Dimensions in Multivariate Data. arXiv stat.ML.

  4. Suver MP, Matheson AMM, Sarkar S, Damiata M, Schoppik D, and Nagel KI (2018). Encoding of wind direction by central neurons in Drosophila. bioRxiv, 504753.

    This paper coins the term ‘wedge projection neurons’, units in the fly brain that integrate signals across the two antennae, and receive input from several kinds of second-order neurons to produce a linear-ish representation of wind direction.

  5. Whittington JCR and Bogacz R (2019). Theories of Error Back-Propagation in the Brain. Trends Cogn. Sci.

  6. Wong AL, Marvel CL, Taylor JA, and Krakauer JW (2019). Can patients with cerebellar disease switch learning mechanisms to reduce their adaptation deficits? Brain. 2019 Jan. 28


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Please keep in mind that the appearance of a paper on our reading list should not necessarily be considered an endorsement of the work unless of course we explicitly endorse it, for example in a blurb. These are just papers that have caught our attention this week. As always, please read papers with a critical eye.