Reading List 5


February 22, 2019

Here is what we’ve been reading this week:

  1. Cichy, R.M., and Kaiser, D. (2019). Deep Neural Networks as Scientific Models. Trends Cogn. Sci.

  2. D’Anna, E., Valle, G., Mazzoni, A., Strauss, I., Iberite, F., Patton, J., Petrini, F.M., Raspopovic, S., Granata, G., Di Iorio, R., et al. (2019). A closed-loop hand prosthesis with simultaneous intraneural tactile and position feedback. Science Robotics 4, eaau8892.

  3. Darmohray, D.M., Jacobs, J.R., Marques, H.G., and Carey, M.R. (2019). Spatial and Temporal Locomotor Learning in Mouse Cerebellum. Neuron

    Also check out this fantastic audio-visual visualization of split-belt treadmill adaptation in mice, posted on twitter. Turn up the sound!

  4. Koch, G., Bonnì, S., Casula, E.P., Iosa, M., Paolucci, S., Pellicciari, M.C., Cinnera, A.M., Ponzo, V., Maiella, M., Picazio, S., et al. (2018). Effect of Cerebellar Stimulation on Gait and Balance Recovery in Patients With Hemiparetic Stroke: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Neurol.

  5. Lacefield, C.O., Pnevmatikakis, E.A., Paninski, L., and Bruno, R.M. (2019). Reinforcement Learning Recruits Somata and Apical Dendrites across Layers of Primary Sensory Cortex. Cell Rep. 26, 2000–2008.e2.

  6. Mendelsohn, A.I., Simon, C.M., Abbott, L.F., Mentis, G.Z., and Jessell, T.M. (2015). Activity Regulates the Incidence of Heteronymous Sensory-Motor Connections. Neuron 87, 111–123.

  7. Muthukrishna, M., and Henrich, J. (2019). A problem in theory. Nature Human Behaviour

  8. Ward, N.S., Brander, F., and Kelly, K. (2019). Intensive upper limb neurorehabilitation in chronic stroke: outcomes from the Queen Square programme. J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry.

  9. Introducing eLife’s first computationally reproducible article (2019). eLife.


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