Reading List 18


May 24, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Area 2 of primary somatosensory cortex encodes kinematics of the whole arm
Chowdhury, R.H., Glaser, J.I., and Miller, L.E.
bioRxiv, 643205 (2019)


Distinct sensorimotor feedback loops for dynamic and static control of primate precision grip
Oya, T., Takei, T., and Seki, K.
bioRxiv, 640201 (2019)


Differential effects of left and right prefrontal cortex anodal transcranial direct current stimulation during probabilistic sequence learning
Greeley, B., and Seidler, R.D.
J. Neurophysiol. 121, 1906–1916 (2019)


Energy Optimization is a Major Objective in the Real-Time Control of Step Width in Human Walking
Abram, S.J., Selinger, J.C., and Maxwell Donelan, J.
Journal of Biomechanics (2019)


Sensorimotor priors are effector-dependent
Yin, C., Wang, H., Wei, K., and Kording, K.P.
J. Neurophysiol. (2019)


Exploring Contextual Interference in Implicit and Explicit Motor Learning
Dang, K., Parvin, D., and Ivry, R.
bioRxiv, 644211 (2019)


Amplitude cancellation influences the association between frequency components in the neural drive to muscle and the rectified EMG signal
Dideriksen, J.L., and Farina, D.
PLoS Comput. Biol. 15, e1006985 (2019)


Premovement suppression of corticospinal excitability may be a necessary part of movement preparation
Ibanez, J., Hannah, R., Rocchi, L., and Rothwell, J.C.
bioRxiv, 470153 (2019)


Insect Flight: From Newton’s Law to Neurons
Jane Wang, Z.
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics (2016)


Whisking mechanics and active sensing
Bush, N.E., Solla, S.A., and Hartmann, M.J.
Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 40, 178–188 (2016)


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