Reading List 19


May 31, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Learning the signatures of the human grasp using a scalable tactile glove
Sundaram, S., Kellnhofer, P., Li, Y., Zhu, J.-Y., Torralba, A., and Matusik, W.
Nature 569, 698–702 (2019)


Emergent modular neural control drives coordinated motor actions
Lemke, S.M., Ramanathan, D.S., Guo, L., Won, S.J., and Ganguly, K.
Nat. Neurosci. (2019)


Motor control by sensory cortex
Matyas, F., Sreenivasan, V., Marbach, F., Wacongne, C., Barsy, B., Mateo, C., Aronoff, R., and Petersen, C.C.H.
Science 330, 1240–1243 (2010)


Reversible Block of Cerebellar Outflow Reveals Cortical Circuitry for Motor Coordination
Nashef, A., Cohen, O., Harel, R., Israel, Z., and Prut, Y.
Cell Reports 27, 2608–2619.e4 (2019)


Molecular Logic of Spinocerebellar Tract Neuron Diversity and Connectivity
Baek, M., Menon, V., Jessell, T.M., Hantman, A.W., and Dasen, J.S.
bioRxiv, 516435 (2019)

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Neural trajectories in the supplementary motor area and primary motor cortex exhibit distinct geometries, compatible with different classes of computation
Russo, A., Khajeh, R., Bittner, S.R., Perkins, S.M., Cunningham, J.P., Abbott, L.F., and Churchland, M.M.
bioRxiv, 650002 (2019)


Emergence of an invariant representation of texture in primate somatosensory cortex
Lieber, J.D., and Bensmaia, S.
bioRxiv, 646042 (2019)


Single Cortical Neurons as Deep Artificial Neural Networks
David, B., Idan, S., and Michael, L.
bioRxiv, 613141 (2019)

Also see the twitter thread


The dynamics of motor learning through the formation of internal models
Pierella, C., Casadio, M., Solla, S.A., and Mussa-Ivaldi, F.A.
bioRxiv, 652727 (2019).


The intelligent reflex
Krakauer, J.
Philos. Psychol. 32, 823–831 (2019)


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