Reading List 21


June 14, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Independent population coding of the present and the past in prefrontal cortex during learning
Maggi, S., and Humphries, M.D.
bioRxiv, 668962 (2019)


Motor primitives are determined in early development and are then robustly conserved into adulthood
Yang, Q., Logan, D., and Giszter, S.F.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. (2019)


Cerebellar Contribution to Preparatory Activity in Motor Neocortex
Chabrol, F.P., Blot, A., and Mrsic-Flogel, T.D.
Neuron (2019)


Neural population dynamics in motor cortex are different for reach and grasp
Suresh, A.K., Goodman, J.M., Okorokova, E.V., Kaufman, M.T., Hatsopoulos, N.G., and Bensmaia, S.J.
bioRxiv, 667196 (2019)


Layer-specific integration of locomotion and sensory information in mouse barrel cortex
Ayaz, A., Stäuble, A., Hamada, M., Wulf, M.-A., Saleem, A.B., and Helmchen, F.
Nat. Commun. 10, 2585 (2019)


Reorganization of Recurrent Layer 5 Corticospinal Networks Following Adult Motor Training
Biane, J.S., Takashima, Y., Conner, J.M., Scanziani, M., and Tuszynski, M.H.
J. Neurosci. (2019)


An Intrafascicular Neural Interface With Enhanced Interconnection for Recording of Peripheral Nerve Signals
Kang, Y.N., Chou, N., Jang, J.-W., Byun, D., Kang, H., Moon, D.-J., Kim, J., and Kim, S.
IEEE Trans. Neural Syst. Rehabil. Eng. 27, 1312–1319 (2019)


New neural activity patterns emerge with long-term learning
Oby, E.R., Golub, M.D., Hennig, J.A., Degenhart, A.D., Tyler-Kabara, E.C., Yu, B.M., Chase, S.M., and Batista, A.P.
PNAS, 201820296 (2019)


Subcortical Substrates of Explore-Exploit Decisions in Primates
Costa, V.D., Mitz, A.R., and Averbeck, B.B.
Neuron (2019)


Discovering precise temporal patterns in large-scale neural recordings through robust and interpretable time warping
Williams, A.H., Poole, B., Maheswaranathan, N., Dhawale, A.K., Fisher, T., Wilson, C.D., Brann, D.H., Trautmann, E., Ryu, S., Shusterman, R., Rinberg D., Ölveczky B.P., Shenoy K.V., Ganguli S.
bioRxiv, 661165 (2019)


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