Reading List 23


June 28, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Simultaneous motor preparation and execution in a last-moment reach correction task
Ames, K.C., Ryu, S.I., and Shenoy, K.V.
Nat. Commun. 10, 2718 (2019)


Supplemental vibrotactile feedback of real-time limb position enhances precision of goal-directed reaching
Risi, N., Shah, V., Mrotek, L.A., Casadio, M., and Scheidt, R.A.
J. Neurophysiol. 122, 22–38 (2019)


Interactions between motor exploration and reinforcement learning
Uehara, S., Mawase, F., Therrien, A.S., Cherry-Allen, K.M., and Celnik, P.A.
J. Neurophysiol. (2019)


No evidence for motor recovery-related cortical reorganization after stroke using resting-state fMRI
Branscheidt, M., Ejaz, N., Xu, J., Widmer, M., Harran, M.D., Cortés, J.C., Kitago, T., Celnik, P., Hernandez-Castillo, C., Diedrichsen, J., Luft A., Krakauer, J.W.
bioRxiv, 681320 (2019)


Forget binning and get SMART: Getting more out of the time-course of response data
van Leeuwen, J., Smeets, J.B.J., and Belopolsky, A.V.
Atten. Percept. Psychophys. (2019)


Generalizing movement patterns following shoulder fixation
Maeda, R.S., Zdybal, J.M., Gribble, P.L., and Andrew Pruszynski, J.
bioRxiv, 678623 (2019)


No effects of cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation on force field and visuomotor reach adaptation in young and healthy subjects
Mamlins, A., Hulst, T., Donchin, O., Timmann, D., and Claassen, J.
J. Neurophysiol. 121, 2112–2125 (2019)


Reconstructing neural representations of tactile space
Tame, L., Tucciarelli, R., Sadibolova, R., Sereno, M.I., and Longo, M.
bioRxiv, 679241 (2019)


Combining reward and M1 transcranial direct current stimulation enhances the retention of newly learnt sensorimotor mappings
Spampinato, D.A., Satar, Z., and Rothwell, J.C.
Brain Stimul. (2019)


High-intensity transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals differential cortical contributions to prepared responses
Smith, V., Maslovat, D., Drummond, N.M., Hajj, J., Leguerrier, A., and Carlsen, A.N.
J. Neurophysiol. 121, 1809–1821 (2019)


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