Reading List 25


July 12, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Uncertainty in when a perturbation will arrive influences the preparation and release of triggered responses
Heckman, R.L., and Perreault, E.J.
Exp. Brain Res. (2019)


Somatosensory interactions reveal feature-dependent computations
Rahman, M.S., and Yau, J.M.
J. Neurophysiol. 122, 5–21 (2019)


Parietal neurons encode information sampling based on decision uncertainty
Horan, M., Daddaoua, N., and Gottlieb, J.
Nat. Neurosci. (2019)


Motor planning modulates neural activity patterns in early human auditory cortex
Gale, D.J., Areshenkoff, C.N., Honda, C., Johnsrude, I.S., Randall Flanagan, J., and Gallivan, J.P.
bioRxiv, 682609 (2019)


Timescales of motor memory formation in dual-adaptation
Forano, M., and Franklin, D.W.
bioRxiv, 698167 (2019)


Cortical-like dynamics in recurrent circuits optimized for sampling-based probabilistic inference
Echeveste, R., Aitchison, L., Hennequin, G., and Lengyel, M.
bioRxiv, 696088 (2019)


With an eye on uncertainty: Modelling pupillary responses to environmental volatility
Vincent, P., Parr, T., Benrimoh, D., and Friston, K.J.
PLoS Comput. Biol. 15, e1007126 (2019)


The value of what’s to come: neural mechanisms coupling prediction error and reward anticipation
Iigaya, K., Hauser, T.U., Kurth-Nelson, Z., O’Doherty, J.P., Dayan, P., and Dolan, R.J.
bioRxiv, 588699 (2019)


Sequence learning creates new cortical representations instead of strengthening initial ones
Kalm, K., and Norris, D.
bioRxiv, 496893 (2019)


Prediction and final temporal errors are used for trial-to-trial motor corrections
López-Moliner, J., Vullings, C., Madelain, L., and van Beers, R.J.
bioRxiv, 368001 (2019)


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