Reading List 29


August 9, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Optimal policy for multi-alternative decisions
Tajima, S., Drugowitsch, J., Patel, N., and Pouget, A.
Nat. Neurosci. (2019)


Tactile sensory channels over-ruled by frequency decoding system that utilizes spike pattern regardless of receptor type
Birznieks, I., McIntyre, S., Nilsson, H.M., Nagi, S.S., Macefield, V.G., Mahns, D.A., and Vickery, R.M.
Elife 8 (2019)


Adaptive Motor Planning of Center-of-Mass Trajectory during Goal-Directed Walking in Novel Environments
Bucklin, M.A., Wu, M., Brown, G., and Gordon, K.E.
J. Biomech. (2019)


Dynamic nonlinearities enable direction opponency in Drosophila elementary motion detectors
Badwan, B.A., Creamer, M.S., Zavatone-Veth, J.A., and Clark, D.A.
Nat. Neurosci. 22, 1318–1326 (2019)


Eye movements during visuomotor adaptation represent only part of the explicit learning
Bromberg, Z., Donchin, O., and Haar, S.
bioRxiv, 724864 (2019)


Cerebellar Prediction of the Dynamic Sensory Consequences of Gravity
Mackrous, I., Carriot, J., Jamali, M., and Cullen, K.E.
Curr. Biol. (2019)


The somatosensory cortex receives information about motor output
Umeda, T., Isa, T., and Nishimura, Y.
Sci Adv 5, eaaw5388 (2019)


Neural Anatomy and Optical Microscopy (NAOMi) Simulation for evaluating calcium imaging methods
Charles, A.S., Song, A., Gauthier, J.L., Pillow, J.W., and Tank, D.W.
bioRxiv, 726174 (2019)


A size principle for leg motor control in Drosophila
Azevedo, A.W., Gurung, P., Venkatasubramanian, L., Mann, R., and Tuthill, J.C.
bioRxiv, 730218. (2019)


Practice induces a qualitative change in the memory representation for visuomotor learning
Huberdeau, D.M., Krakauer, J.W., and Haith, A.M.
bioRxiv, 226415 (2017)

Superlab Papers

Sensory information from a slipping object elicits a rapid and automatic shoulder response
Hernandez-Castillo, C.R., Maeda, R.S., Andrew Pruszynski, J., and Diedrichsen, J.
bioRxiv, 724054 (2019)

Somatosensory cortical excitability changes precede those in motor cortex during human motor learning
Ohashi, H., Gribble, P.L., and Ostry, D.J.
J. Neurophysiol. (2019)


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