Reading List 31


August 23, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Modulation of Rapid Visual Responses during Reaching by Multimodal Stimuli
Glover, I.S., and Baker, S.N.
bioRxiv, 570796 (2019)


Rapid predictive simulations with complex musculoskeletal models suggest that diverse healthy and pathological human gaits can emerge from similar control strategies
Falisse Antoine, Serrancolí Gil, Dembia Christopher L., Gillis Joris, Jonkers Ilse, and De Groote Friedl
J. R. Soc. Interface 16, 20190402 (2019)


Engaging the articulators engages perception of visible speech movements
Masapollo, M., and Guenther, F.H.
PsyArXiv (2019)


Implicit visuomotor adaptation remains limited after several days of training
Wilterson, S.A., and Taylor, J.A.
bioRxiv, 711598 (2019)


Reducing the metabolic rate of walking and running with a versatile, portable exosuit
Kim, J., Lee, G., Heimgartner, R., Arumukhom Revi, D., Karavas, N., Nathanson, D., Galiana, I., Eckert-Erdheim, A., Murphy, P., Perry, D., Menard, N., Choe, D.K., Malcolm, P., Walsh, C.J.
Science 365, 668–672 (2019)


Sensorimotor beta power reflects the precision-weighting afforded to sensory prediction errors
Palmer, C.E., Auksztulewicz, R., Ondobaka, S., and Kilner, J.M.
Neuroimage 200, 59–71 (2019)


Representation of Borders and Swimming Kinematics in the Brain of Freely-Navigating Fish
Vinepinsky, E., Cohen, L., Perchik, S., Ben-Shahar, O., Donchin, O., and Segev, R.
bioRxiv, 291013 (2019)


Gaussian Process Based Multi-Rate Observer for the Dynamic Positioning Error of a Measuring Machine
Ringkowski, M., and Sawodny, O.
2019 18th European Control Conference (ECC), pp. 627–632 (2019)


Learning to see stuff
Fleming, R.W., and Storrs, K.R.
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 30, 100–108 (2019)


A critique of pure learning and what artificial neural networks can learn from animal brains
Zador, A.M.
Nat. Commun. 10, 3770 (2019)


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