Reading List 32


August 30, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


A neural network model of flexible grasp movement generation
Michaels, J.A., Schaffelhofer, S., Agudelo-Toro, A., and Scherberger, H.
bioRxiv, 742189 (2019)

Also check out Jonathan’s tweeprint.


Recruitment of GABAergic Interneurons in the Barrel Cortex during Active Tactile Behavior
Yu, J., Hu, H., Agmon, A., and Svoboda, K.
Neuron (2019)


Feeling fooled: Texture contaminates the neural code for tactile speed
Delhaye, B.P., O’Donnell, M.K., Lieber, J.D., McLellan, K.R., and Bensmaia, S.J.
PLoS Biol. 17, e3000431 (2019)

Also check out the tweeprint.


Early stages of sensorimotor map acquisition: learning with free exploration, without active movement or global structure
van Vugt, F.T., and Ostry, D.J.
J. Neurophysiol. (2019)


Moving in time: Simulating how neural circuits enable rhythmic enactment of planned sequences
Zeid, O., and Bullock, D.
Neural Netw. (2019)


Learning active sensing strategies using a sensory brain-machine interface
Richardson, A.G., Ghenbot, Y., Liu, X., Hao, H., Rinehart, C., DeLuccia, S., Torres Maldonado, S., Boyek, G., Zhang, M., Aflatouni, F., Van der Spiegel, J., Lucas, T.H.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2019)


Do prism and other adaptation paradigms really measure the same processes?
Fleury, L., Prablanc, C., and Priot, A.-E.
Cortex (2019)


Cognitive-perceptual load modulates hand selection in left-handers to a greater extent than in right-handers
Liang, J., Wilkinson, K.M., and Sainburg, R.L.
Exp. Brain Res. 237, 389–399 (2019)


Two-photon imaging of neuronal activity in motor cortex of marmosets during upper-limb movement tasks
Ebina, T., Masamizu, Y., Tanaka, Y.R., Watakabe, A., Hirakawa, R., Hirayama, Y., Hira, R., Terada, S.-I., Koketsu, D., Hikosaka, K., Mizukami, H., Nambu, A., Sasaki, E., Yamamori, T., Matsuzaki, M.
Nat. Commun. 9, 1879 (2018)


The irrationality of categorical perception
Fleming, S.M., Maloney, L.T., and Daw, N.D.
J. Neurosci. 33, 19060–19070 (2013)


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