Reading List 35


September 20, 2019

September is here in full force. The leaves are changing (at least in London Ontario), a new academic year has begun at Western University, and this week’s list goes to 11!

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Flexible routing of motor control signals through neocortical projection neuron classes
Park, J., Phillips, J.A., Martin, K.A., Hantman, A.W., and Dudman, J.T.
bioRxiv, 772517 (2019)


Motor behaviour selectively inhibits hair cells activated by forward motion in the lateral line of Zebrafish
Pichler, P., and Lagnado, L.
bioRxiv, 772129 (2019)


Simultaneous multi-area recordings suggest that attention improves performance by reshaping stimulus representations
Ruff, D.A., and Cohen, M.R.
Nat. Neurosci. (2019)


A repeated molecular architecture across thalamic pathways
Phillips, J.W., Schulmann, A., Hara, E., Winnubst, J., Liu, C., Valakh, V., Wang, L., Shields, B.C., Korff, W., Chandrashekar, J., Lemire, A.L., Mensh, B., Dudman, J.T., Nelson, S.B., Hantman, A.W.
Nat. Neurosci. (2019)


Motor cortical beta transients delay movement initiation and track errors
Little, S., Bonaiuto, J., Barnes, G., and Bestmann, S.
bioRxiv, 384370 (2019)


Modulation of local field potentials and neuronal activity in primate hippocampus during saccades
Doucet, G., Gulli, R.A., Corrigan, B.W., Duong, L.R., and Martinez-Trujillo, J.C.
Hippocampus (2019)


Neocortical inhibitory interneuron subtypes display distinct responses to synchrony and rate of inputs
Tran, M.M., Prince, L.Y., Gray, D., Saad, L., Chasiotis, H., Kwag, J., Kohl, M.M., and Richards, B.A.
bioRxiv, 671248 (2019)


Eye movements support behavioral pattern completion
Wynn, J.S., Ryan, J.D., and Buchsbaum, B.R.
bioRxiv, 764084 (2019)


Parietal Cortex Integrates Visual and Oculomotor Signals to Update Grasp Plans
Baltaretu, B.R., Monaco, S., Velji-Ibrahim, J., Luabeya, G.N., and Crawford, J.D.
bioRxiv, 758532 (2019)


Stimulus-Locked Responses on Human Upper Limb Muscles and Corrective Reaches are Preferentially Evoked by Low Spatial Frequencies
Kozak, R.A., Kreyenmeier, P., Gu, C., Johnston, K., and Corneil, B.D.
bioRxiv, 690354 (2019)


Neural Signal Processing (UCSD COGS118C)
Course material including course documents, finished slides in .pdf, and assignments for a UC San Diego course taught by Richard Gao, on Signal Processing for Neuroscientists.


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