Reading List 36


September 27, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Dendritic calcium signals in rhesus macaque motor cortex drive an optical brain-computer interface
Trautmann, E.M., O’Shea, D.J., Sun, X., Marshel, J.H., Crow, A., Hsueh, B., Vesuna, S., Cofer, L., Bohner, G., Allen, W., Kauver, I., Quirin, S., Macdougall, M., Chen, Y., Whitmire, M.P., Ramakrishnan, C., Sahani, M., Seidemann, E., Ryu, S., Deisseroth, K., Shenoy, K.
bioRxiv, 780486 (2019)

Also check out the tweeprint.


Demonstration of a portable intracortical brain-computer interface
Weiss, J.M., Gaunt, R.A., Franklin, R., Boninger, M.L., and Collinger, J.L.
Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy (2019)


Learning and adaptation in speech production without a vocal tract
Thompson, M.M.C., Houde, J.F., and Nagarajan, S.S.
Sci Rep 9, 13582 (2019)


Feedback adaptation to unpredictable force fields in 250ms
Crevecoeur, F., Mathew, J., Bastin, M., and Lefevre, P.
bioRxiv, 773002 (2019)


Coordination amongst quadriceps muscles suggests neural regulation of internal joint stresses, not simplification of task performance
Alessandro, C., Prashara, A., Tentler, D.P., Yeh, H.-Y., Barroso, F.O., and Tresch, M.C.
bioRxiv, 781534 (2019)


Neural Organization of Hierarchical Motor Sequence Representations in the Human Neocortex
Yokoi, A., and Diedrichsen, J.
Neuron (2019)

Also check out the Previews article by Aaron Wong and John Krakauer here.


Stochastic optimal open-loop control as a theory of force and impedance planning via muscle co-contraction
Berret, B., and Jean, F.
bioRxiv, 780056 (2019)


Layer-dependent activity in human prefrontal cortex during working memory
Finn, E.S., Huber, L., Jangraw, D.C., and Bandettini, P.A.
bioRxiv, 425249 (2019)


Quantifying normal and parkinsonian gait features from home movies: Practical application of a deep learning–based 2D pose estimator
Sato, K., Nagashima, Y., Mano, T., Iwata, A., and Toda, T.
bioRxiv, 782367 (2019)


Pretraining boosts out-of-domain robustness for pose estimation
Mathis, A., Yüksekgönül, M., Rogers, B., Bethge, M., and Mathis, M.W.
arXiv [cs.CV] (2019)


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