Reading List 46


December 6, 2019

Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Control of species-dependent cortico-motoneuronal connections underlying manual dexterity
Gu, Z., Kalambogias, J., Yoshioka, S., Han, W., Li, Z., Kawasawa, Y.I., Pochareddy, S., Li, Z., Liu, F., Xu, X., et al.
Science 357, 400–404 (2019)


Automatic postural responses are scaled from the association between online feedback and feedforward control
Teixeira, L.A., Azzi, N.M., Ávila de Oliveira, J., Ribeiro de Souza, C., da Silva Rezende, L., and Coelho, D.B.
Eur. J. Neurosci. (2019)

In this paper the authors studied the contributions of feedback and feedforward control during postural perturbations in human participants. In brief, it shows that automatic postural responses are scaled according to perturbation magnitude (feedback) and postural responses from preceding perturbations (feedforward control). —RM


Dissociating effects of error size, training duration, and amount of adaptation on the ability to retain motor memories Alhussein, L., Hosseini, E.A., Nguyen, K.P., Smith, M.A., and Joiner, W.M.
J. Neurophysiol. 122, 2027–2042 (2019)


StartReact increases probability of muscle activity and distance in severe/moderate stroke survivors during two-dimensional reaching task
Rahimi, M., and Honeycutt, C.
Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy (2019)


Distinct Processing of Selection and Execution Errors in Neural Signatures of Outcome Monitoring
Mushtaq, F., McDougle, S.D., Craddock, M.P., Parvin, D.E., Brookes, J., Schaefer, A., Mon-Williams, M., Taylor, J.A., and Ivry, R.B.
bioRxiv, 853317 (2019)


Computational noise in reward-guided learning drives behavioral variability in volatile environments
Findling, C., Skvortsova, V., Dromnelle, R., Palminteri, S., and Wyart, V.
Nat. Neurosci. 22, 2066–2077


Diverse muscle spindle firing properties emerge from multiscale muscle mechanics
Blum, K.P., Campbell, K.S., Horslen, B.C., Nardelli, P., Housley, S.N., Cope, T.C., and Ting, L.H.
bioRxiv, 858209 (2019)


Cortex-wide Computations in Complex Decision Making in Mice
Gupta, P.K., and Murphy, T.H.
Neuron 104, 631–633 (2019)


Task-Dependent Changes in the Large-Scale Dynamics and Necessity of Cortical Regions
Pinto, L., Rajan, K., DePasquale, B., Thiberge, S.Y., Tank, D.W., and Brody, C.D.
Neuron 104, 810–824.e9 (2019)


Data-driven analyses of motor impairments in animal models of neurological disorders
Ryait, H., Bermudez-Contreras, E., Harvey, M., Faraji, J., Mirza Agha, B., Gomez-Palacio Schjetnan, A., Gruber, A., Doan, J., Mohajerani, M., Metz, G.A.S., et al.
PLoS Biol. 17, e3000516 (2019)



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