Reading List 50


January 10, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Dendritic action potentials and computation in human layer 2/3 cortical neurons
Gidon A, Zolnik TA, Fidzinski P, Bolduan F, Papoutsi A, Poirazi P, Holtkamp M, Vida I, Larkum ME
Science 367:83–87 (2020)


Excitatory and Inhibitory Subnetworks Are Equally Selective during Decision-Making and Emerge Simultaneously during Learning
Najafi F, Elsayed GF, Cao R, Pnevmatikakis E, Latham PE, Cunningham JP, Churchland AK
Neuron (2019)


Spinal signaling of C-fiber mediated pleasant touch in humans
Marshall AG, Sharma ML, Marley K, Olausson H, McGlone FP
Elife 8 (2019)


β-bursts reveal the trial-to-trial dynamics of movement initiation and cancellation
Wessel JR
J Neurosci (2019)


Turning Touch into Perception
Romo R, Rossi-Pool R
Neuron 105:16–33 (2020)


Selective Modulation of Early Visual Cortical Activity by Movement Intention
Gallivan JP, Chapman CS, Gale DJ, Flanagan JR, Culham JC
Cereb Cortex 29:4662–4678 (2019)


Long-term stability of cortical population dynamics underlying consistent behavior
Gallego JA, Perich MG, Chowdhury RH, Solla SA, Miller LE
Nat Neurosci (2020)


Deepinsight: a general framework for interpreting wide-band neural activity
Frey M, Tanni S, Perrodin C, O’Leary A, Nau M, Kelly J, Banino A, Doeller CF, Barry C
bioRxiv:871848 (2019)


Crowding reveals fundamental differences in local vs. global processing in humans and machines
Doerig A, Bornet A, Choung OH, Herzog MH
Vision Res 167:39–45 (2020)

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Searching for the Hidden Factors Underlying the Neural Code
Gao R
Simons Foundation (Cosyne 2019)

Superlab Papers

fMRI signatures of motor sequence learning: A critical re-evaluation
Berlot E, Popp NJ, Diedrichsen J
bioRxiv:2020.01.08.899229 (2020)

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Spinal stretch reflexes support efficient control of reaching
Weiler J, Gribble PL, Andrew Pruszynski J
bioRxiv:2020.01.06.896225 (2020)

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