Reading List 53


January 31, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Layer and rhythm specificity for predictive routing
Bastos AM, Lundqvist M, Waite AS, Kopell N, Miller EK
bioRxiv:2020.01.27.921783 (2020)


Asymmetric transcallosal conduction delay leads to finer bimanual coordination
Bortoletto M, Bonzano L, Zazio A, Pedullà L, Gasparotti R, Miniussi C, Bove M
bioRxiv:2020.01.24.918102 (2020)


All-Optical Electrophysiology Reveals the Role of Lateral Inhibition in Sensory Processing in Cortical Layer 1
Fan LZ, Kheifets S, Böhm UL, Wu H, Piatkevich KD, Xie ME, Parot V, Ha Y, Evans KE, Boyden ES, Takesian AE, Cohen AE
Cell (2020)


Implicit adaptation is driven by direct policy updates rather than forward-model-based learning
Hadjiosif AM, Krakauer JW, Haith AM
bioRxiv:2020.01.22.914473 (2020)


Visual and oculomotor abilities predict professional baseball batting performance
Liu S, Edmunds FR, Burris K, Appelbaum LG
bioRxiv:2020.01.21.913152 (2020)


Somatosensory changes associated with motor skill learning
Mirdamadi JL, Block HJ
J Neurophysiol (2020)


Rapid event-related, BOLD, NHP: choose two out of three
Pelekanos V, Mok R, Joly O, Ainsworth M, Kyriazis D, Kelly M, Bell A, Kriegeskorte N
bioRxiv:2020.01.27.919555 (2020)


How Sensitive are EEG Results to Preprocessing Methods: A Benchmarking Study
Robbins KA, Touryan J, Mullen T, Kothe C, Bigdely-Shamlo N
bioRxiv:2020.01.20.913327 (2020)


The Efficiency, Efficacy, and Retention of Motor Training in Chronic Stroke
Wang C, Winstein CJ, D’Argenio DZ, Schweighofer N
bioRxiv:2020.01.27.922096 (2020)


Forward Models: Supervised Learning with a Distal Teacher
Jordan MI, Rumelhart DE
Cognitive Science 16:307–354 (1992)


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