Reading List 54


February 7, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Motor Learning Promotes Remyelination via New and Surviving Oligodendrocytes
Bacmeister CM, Barr HJ, McClain CR, Thornton MA, Nettles D, Welle CG, Hughes EG
bioRxiv:2020.01.28.923656 (2020)


Skill-specific changes in cortical preparatory activity during motor learning
Sun X, O’Shea DJ, Golub MD, Trautmann EM, Vyas S, Ryu SI, Shenoy KV
bioRxiv:2020.01.30.919894 (2020)

Also see the tweeprint.


Direct electrical stimulation of the premotor cortex shuts down awareness of voluntary actions
Fornia L, Puglisi G, Leonetti A, Bello L, Berti A, Cerri G, Garbarini F
Nat Commun 11:705 (2020)


Optimal anticipatory control as a theory of motor preparation: a thalamo-cortical circuit model
Kao T-C, Sadabadi MS, Hennequin G
bioRxiv:2020.02.02.931246 (2020)


Representational neural mapping of dexterous grasping before lifting in humans
Marneweck M, Grafton ST
J Neurosci (2020)


Neural Correlates of Reinforcement Learning in Mid-lateral Cerebellum
Sendhilnathan N, Ipata AE, Goldberg ME
Neuron (2020)


Changes in motoneuron excitability during voluntary muscle activity in humans with spinal cord injury
Vastano R, Perez MA
J Neurophysiol 123:454–461 (2020)


Electro-Haptic Enhancement of Spatial Hearing in Cochlear Implant Users
Fletcher MD, Cunningham RO, Mills SR
Sci Rep 10:1621 (2020)


Gradients in the mammalian cerebellar cortex enable Fourier-like transformation and improve storing capacity
Straub I, Witter L, Eshra A, Hoidis M, Byczkowicz N, Maas S, Delvendahl I, Dorgans K, Savier E, Bechmann I, Krueger M, Isope P, Hallermann S
Elife 9 (2020)

Also see the eLife highlight article.


OpenMonkeyStudio: Automated Markerless Pose Estimation in Freely Moving Macaques
Bala PC, Eisenreich BR, Yoo SBM, Hayden BY, Park HS, Zimmermann J
bioRxiv:2020.01.31.928861 (2020)


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