Reading List 64


April 17, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Generative modeling of brain maps with spatial autocorrelation
Burt JB, Helmer M, Shinn M, Anticevic A, Murray JD
bioRxiv:2020.02.18.955054 (2020)


Development of a neural interface for high-definition, long-term recording in rodents and nonhuman primates
Chiang C-H et al.
Sci Transl Med 12 (2020)


Evidence for Hierarchical Cognitive Control in the Human Cerebellum
D’Mello AM, Gabrieli JDE, Nee DE
Curr Biol (2020)


Stretching the skin immediately enhances perceived stiffness and gradually enhances the predictive control of grip force
Farajian M, Leib R, Kossowsky H, Zaidenberg T, Mussa-Ivaldi FA, Nisky I
Elife 9 (2020)


In-depth characterization of layer 5 output neurons of the primary somatosensory cortex innervating the mouse dorsal spinal cord
Frezel N, Mateos JM, Platonova E, Ziegler U, Wildner H, Zeilhofer HU
bioRxiv:2020.04.02.021311 (2020)


Integrating Somatosensory Information Over Time
Hernández-Pérez R, Rojas-Hortelano E, de Lafuente V
Neuroscience 433:72–80 (2020)


Implicit learning is too fast to be a slow process
Ruttle JE, Hart BM ’t, Henriques DYP
bioRxiv:2020.04.07.030189 (2020)


Cerebellar outputs contribute to maintaining motor cortical activity of monkeys
Sano N, Nakayama Y, Ishida H, Chiken S, Hoshi E, Nambu A, Nishimura Y
Neurosci Res (2020)


Compression of dynamic tactile information in the human hand
Shao Y, Hayward V, Visell Y
Science Advances 6:eaaz1158 (2020)


Hippocampal neurons represent events as transferable units of experience
Sun C, Yang W, Martin J, Tonegawa S
Nat Neurosci (2020)


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