Reading List 77


July 17, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


A size principle for recruitment of Drosophila leg motor neurons
Azevedo AW, Dickinson ES, Gurung P, Venkatasubramanian L, Mann RS, Tuthill JC
Elife 9 (2020)


The functional relevance of task-state functional connectivity
Cole MW, Ito T, Cocuzza C, Sanchez-Romero R
bioRxiv:2020.07.06.187245 (2020)


Intrinsic network architecture predicts the effects elicited by intracranial electrical stimulation of the human brain
Fox KCR, Shi L, Baek S, Raccah O, Foster BL, Saha S, Margulies DS, Kucyi A, Parvizi J
Nat Hum Behav (2020)


Errors in Predicting Muscle Fiber Lengths from Joint Kinematics Point to the Need to Include Tendon Tension in Computational Neuromuscular Models
Hagen DA, Valero-Cuevas FJ
bioRxiv:2020.07.08.194381 (2020)


Effects of aging on rapid grip force responses during bimanual manipulation of an active object
Hibino H, Gorniak SL
Exp Brain Res (2020)


Adaptation of reach action to a novel force-field is not predicted by acuity of dynamic proprioception in either older or younger adults
Kitchen NM, Chris Miall R
bioRxiv:2020.07.13.200733 (2020)


Antagonistic Co-contraction Can Minimise Muscular Effort in Systems with Uncertainty
Koelewijn AD, van den Bogert AJ
bioRxiv:2020.07.07.191197 (2020)


Differential effects of motor skill acquisition on the primary motor and sensory cortices in healthy humans
Paparella G, Rocchi L, Bologna M, Berardelli A, Rothwell J
J Physiol (2020)


Generative embeddings of brain collective dynamics using variational autoencoders
Perl YS, Boccacio H, Pérez-Ipiña I, Zamberlán F, Laufs H, Kringelbach M, Deco G, Tagliazucchi E
arXiv [q-bioNC] (2020)


Mesoscale brain dynamics reorganizes and stabilizes during learning
Sych Y, Fomins A, Novelli L, Helmchen F
bioRxiv:2020.07.08.193334 (2020)


Please keep in mind that the appearance of a paper on our reading list should not necessarily be considered an endorsement of the work unless of course we explicitly endorse it, for example in a blurb. As always, please read papers with a critical eye.