Reading List 78


July 24, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Passive training with upper extremity exoskeleton robot affects proprioceptive acuity and performance of motor learning
Chiyohara S, Furukawa J-I, Noda T, Morimoto J, Imamizu H
Sci Rep 10:11820 (2020)


Perceptual responses to microstimulation frequency are spatially organized in human somatosensory cortex
Hughes CL, Flesher SN, Weiss JM, Boninger M, Collinger JL, Gaunt R
bioRxiv:2020.07.16.207506 (2020)


Hierarchical motor adaptations negotiate failures during force field learning
Ikegami T, Ganesh G, Gibo TL, Yoshioka T, Osu R, Kawato M
bioRxiv:2020.07.16.207084 (2020)


Proprioceptive afferents differentially contribute to effortful perception of object heaviness and mass distribution
Mangalam M, Desai N, Singh T
bioRxiv:2020.07.18.210401 (2020)


A neuromechanical model and kinematic analyses for Drosophila larval crawling based on physical measurements
Sun X, Liu Y, Liu C, Mayumi K, Ito K, Nose A, Kohsaka H
bioRxiv:2020.07.17.208611 (2020)


Use-dependent plasticity explains aftereffects in visually guided locomotor learning of a novel step length asymmetry
Wood JM, Kim HE, French MA, Reisman DS, Morton SM
J Neurophysiol 124:32–39 (2020)


Re-exposure to a sensorimotor perturbation produces opposite effects on explicit and implicit learning processes
Avraham G, Ryan Morehead J, Kim HE, Ivry RB
bioRxiv:2020.07.16.205609 (2020)


Unexpected complexity of everyday manual behaviors
Yan Y, Goodman JM, Moore DD, Solla SA, Bensmaia SJ
Nat Commun 11:3564 (2020)


Individual differences in frontal midline theta activity during visuomotor adaptation are related to execution noise
Jonker ZD, van der Vliet R, Maquelin G, van der Cruijsen J, Ribbers GM, Selles RW, Donchin O, Frens MA
bioRxiv:2020.07.12.188581 (2020)


Dissociable Neural Systems Support the Learning and Transfer of Hierarchical Control Structure
Eichenbaum A, Scimeca JM, D’Esposito M
J Neurosci (2020)

Superlab Papers

The planning horizon for movement sequences
Ariani G, Kordjazi N, Diedrichsen J
bioRxiv:2020.07.15.204529 (2020)

Also see the tweeprint.

Voluntary modification of rapid tactile-motor responses during reaching differs from its visuomotor counterpart
Reschechtko S, Pruszynski JA
J Neurophysiol 124:284–294 (2020)


Please keep in mind that the appearance of a paper on our reading list should not necessarily be considered an endorsement of the work unless of course we explicitly endorse it, for example in a blurb. As always, please read papers with a critical eye.