Reading List 90


October 16, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Online proprioception feeds plasticity of arm representation following tool-use in healthy aging
Bahmad S, Miller LE, Pham MT, Moreau R, Salemme R, Koun E, Farnè A, Roy AC
Sci Rep 10:17275 (2020)


Practice modifies the response to errors during a novel motor sequence learning task
Rachaveti D, Ranganathan R, Varadhan SKM
bioRxiv:2020.10.09.334169 (2020)


Motor resonance is modulated by an object’s weight distribution
Rens G, Orban de Xivry J-J, Davare M, van Polanen V
bioRxiv:2020.10.11.335000 (2020)


Neural activity during a simple reaching task in macaques is counter to gating and rebound in basal ganglia-thalamic communication
Schwab BC, Kase D, Zimnik A, Rosenbaum R, Codianni MG, Rubin JE, Turner RS
PLoS Biol 18:e3000829 (2020)


Recurrent neural networks can explain flexible trading of speed and accuracy in biological vision
Spoerer CJ, Kietzmann TC, Mehrer J, Charest I, Kriegeskorte N
PLoS Comput Biol 16:e1008215 (2020)


Multiscale communication in cortico-cortical networks
Bazinet V, de Wael RV, Hagmann P, Bernhardt BC, Misic B
bioRxiv:2020.10.02.323030 (2020)


Multiscale and multimodal reconstruction of cortical structure and function
Turner NL et al.
bioRxiv:2020.10.14.338681 (2020)


Cellular Anatomy of the Mouse Primary Motor Cortex
Muñoz-Castañeda R et al.
bioRxiv:2020.10.02.323154 (2020)


High-throughput whole-brain mapping of rhesus monkey at micron resolution
Xu F, Shen Y, Ding L, Yang C-Y, Tan H, Wang H, Zhu Q, Xu R, Wu F, Xu C, Li Q, Su P, Zhang LI, Dong H, Desimone R, Xu F, Hu X, Lau P-M, Bi G-Q
bioRxiv:2020.09.25.313395 (2020)


Inference and Prediction Diverge in Biomedicine
Bzdok D, Engemann D, Thirion B
Patterns (2020)


Please keep in mind that the appearance of a paper on our reading list should not necessarily be considered an endorsement of the work unless of course we explicitly endorse it, for example in a blurb. As always, please read papers with a critical eye.