Reading List 92


October 30, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Parallel ascending spinal pathways for affective touch and pain
Choi S, Hachisuka J, Brett MA, Magee AR, Omori Y, Iqbal N-U-A, Zhang D, DeLisle MM, Wolfson RL, Bai L, Santiago C, Gong S, Goulding M, Heintz N, Koerber HR, Ross SE, Ginty DD
Nature (2020)


Forelimb force direction and magnitude independently controlled by spinal modules in the macaque
Yaron A, Kowalski D, Yaguchi H, Takei T, Seki K
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (2020)


Dopamine promotes instrumental motivation, but reduces reward-related vigour
Grogan JP, Sandhu TR, Hu MT, Manohar SG
Elife 9 (2020)


Serotonin neurons modulate learning rate through uncertainty
Grossman CD, Bari BA, Cohen JY
bioRxiv 2020.10.24.353508


A single, clinically relevant dose of the GABAB agonist baclofen impairs visuomotor learning
Johnstone A, Grigoras I, Petitet P, Capitão LP, Stagg CJ
J Physiol (2020)


Adaptation of reach action to a novel force-field is not predicted by acuity of dynamic proprioception in either older or younger adults
Kitchen NM, Chris Miall R
bioRxiv 2020.07.13.200733


Motor variability prior to learning is a poor predictor of the ability to adopt new movement solutions
Ranganathan R, Lin M, Carey S, Lokesh R, Lee M-H, Krishnan C
bioRxiv 2020.10.23.350819


Contributions of Implicit and Explicit Memories to Sensorimotor Adaptation of Movement Extent During Goal-Directed Reaching
Lantagne DD, Mrotek LA, Slick RA, Beardsley SA, Thomas DG, Scheidt RA
bioRxiv 2020.10.22.350645


Brain Connectivity and Behavioral Changes in a Spaceflight Analog Environment with Elevated CO2
McGregor HR, Lee JK, Mulder ER, De Dios YE, Beltran NE, Kofman IS, Bloomberg JJ, Mulavara AP, Seidler RD
Neuroimage 117450 (2020)


Unified neural dynamics of decisions and actions in the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia
Thura D, Cabana J-F, Feghaly A, Cisek P
bioRxiv 2020.10.22.350280


Neuropixels 2.0: A miniaturized high-density probe for stable, long-term brain recordings
Steinmetz NA et al.
bioRxiv 2020.10.27.358291


Please keep in mind that the appearance of a paper on our reading list should not necessarily be considered an endorsement of the work unless of course we explicitly endorse it, for example in a blurb. As always, please read papers with a critical eye.