Reading List 97


December 4, 2020

Here are the articles that we have been reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Competition between parallel sensorimotor learning systems
Albert, S. T., Jang, J., Haith, A. M., Lerner, G., Della-Maggiore, V., Krakauer, J. W., & Shadmehr, R.
bioRxiv (2020)


Constructing spatial perception through self-touch
Cataldo, A., Dupin, L., Dempsey-Jones, H., Gomi, H., & Haggard, P.
bioRxiv (2020)


Sensory redundancy and perceptual invariance in force production and object manipulation
Mangalam, M., Cuadra, C., & Singh, T.
Current Opinion in Physiology (2020)


Influence of age on the frequency characteristics of the soleus muscle response to Achilles tendon vibration during standing
Mildren, R. L., Schmidt, M. E., Eschelmuller, G., Carpenter, M. G., Blouin, J.-S., & Inglis, J. T.
The Journal of Physiology (2020)


Neuronal correlates of strategic cooperation in monkeys
Ong, W. S., Madlon-Kay, S., & Platt, M. L.
Nature Neuroscience (2020)


Lift observation conveys object weight distribution but partly enhances predictive lift planning
Rens, G., Orban de Xivry, J.-J., Davare, M., & van Polanen, V.
bioRxiv (2020)


Anticipatory reinstatement of expected perceptual events during visual sequence learning
Senoussi, M., VanRullen, R., & Reddy, L.
bioRxiv (2020)


The thalamus integrates the macrosystems of the brain to facilitate complex, adaptive brain network dynamics
Shine, J. M.
Progress in Neurobiology (2020)


Whole-brain dynamics of human sensorimotor adaptation
Standage, D. I., Areshenkoff, C. N., Gale, D. J., Nashed, J. Y., Randall Flanagan, J., & Gallivan, J. P.
bioRxiv (2020)


U-Net Model for Brain Extraction on Non-human Primates
Wang, X., Li, X.-H., Cho, J. W., Russ, B., Rajamani, N., Omelchenko, A., Ai, L., Korchmaros, A., Garcia-Saldivar, P., Wang, Z., Kalin, N. H., Schroeder, C. E., Cameron Craddock, R., Fox, A. S., Evans, A. C., Messinger, A., Milham, M. P., & Xu, T.
bioRxiv (2020)

Superlab Papers

A goal-driven modular neural network predicts parietofrontal neural dynamics during grasping
Michaels, J. A., Schaffelhofer, S., Agudelo-Toro, A., & Scherberger, H.
PNAS (2020)

Orientation processing by synaptic integration across first-order tactile neurons
Hay, E., & Pruszynski, J. A.
PLoS Comp Biol (2020)


Please keep in mind that the appearance of a paper on our reading list should not necessarily be considered an endorsement of the work unless of course we explicitly endorse it, for example in a blurb. As always, please read papers with a critical eye.