Reading List 104


March 12, 2021

More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Modulation of tactile feedback for the execution of dexterous movement
Conner JM, Bohannon A, Igarashi M, Taniguchi J, Baltar N, Azim E
bioRxiv (2021)


The Motor Representation of Sensory Experience
Cont C, Zimmermann E
Curr Biol (2021)


Dopamine and the interdependency of time perception and reward
Fung BJ, Sutlief E, Shuler MGH
Neurosci Biobehav Rev (2021)


Age-related deficits in rapid visuomotor decision-making
Gómez-Granados A, Barany DA, Schrayer M, Kurtzer I, Bonnet C, Singh T
bioRxiv (2021)


Influence of a light touch reference on cutaneous reflexes from the hand during standing
Misiaszek JE, Hackett H, McMahon AJ, Krutz J
Exp Brain Res (2021)


The role of mental simulation in primate physical inference abilities
Rajalingham R, Piccato A, Jazayeri M
bioRxiv (2021)


Mechanisms of proprioceptive realignment in human motor learning
Rossi C, Bastian AJ, Therrien AS
Curr Opin Physiol (2021)


Rare rewards amplify dopamine responses
Rothenhoefer KM, Hong T, Alikaya A, Stauffer WR
Nat Neurosci (2021)


Activation and disruption of a neural mechanism for novel choice in monkeys
Bongioanni A, Folloni D, Verhagen L, Sallet J, Klein-Flügge MC, Rushworth MFS
Nature (2021)


Circuit organization of the excitatory sensorimotor loop through hand/forelimb S1 and M1
Yamawaki N, Raineri Tapies MG, Stults AM, Smith GA, Shepherd GMG
bioRxiv (2021)

Superlab Papers

The planning horizon for movement sequences
Ariani G, Kordjazi N, Pruszynski JA, Diedrichsen J
bioRxiv (2021)


Articles appear on this list because they caught our eye, but their appearance here is not necessarily an endorsement of the work. We hope that you find something on this list you might not otherwise have come across—but, as always, please read with a critical eye.