Reading List 110


April 23, 2021

More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Neural encoding of actual and imagined touch within human posterior parietal cortex
Chivukula S, Zhang CY, Aflalo T, Jafari M, Pejsa K, Pouratian N, Andersen RA
Elife (2021)


Similarity in sensory modality and information domain impair processing in a dual-task context: Evidence from behavior, pupillometry, and EEG
Fleming JT, Michelle Njoroge J, Noyce AL, Perrachione TK, Shinn-Cunningham BG
bioRxiv (2021)


Continuous multiplexed population representations of task context in the mouse primary visual cortex
Hajnal MA, Tran D, Einstein M, Martelo MV, Safaryan K, Polack P-O, Golshani P, Orbán G
bioRxiv (2021)


Teaching recurrent neural networks to infer global temporal structure from local examples
Kim JZ, Lu Z, Nozari E, Pappas GJ, Bassett DS
Nature Machine Intelligence (2021)


Switch-like and persistent memory formation in individual larval Drosophila
Lesar A, Tahir J, Wolk J, Gershow M
bioRxiv (2021)


NeuroMechFly, a neuromechanical model of adult Drosophila melanogaster
Ríos VL, Özdil PG, Ramalingasetty ST, Arreguit J, Rosset SC, Knott G, Ijspeert AJ, Ramdya P
bioRxiv (2021)


Opposing roles of the dorsolateral and dorsomedial striatum in the acquisition of skilled action sequencing
Turner KM, Svegborn A, Langguth M, McKenzie C, Robbins TW
bioRxiv (2021)


Coordination of escape and spatial navigation circuits orchestrates versatile flight from threats
Wang W, Schuette PJ, Nagai J, Tobias BC, Cuccovia V Reis FM, Ji S, de Lima MAX, La-Vu MQ, Maesta-Pereira S, Chakerian M, Leonard SJ, Lin L, Severino AL, Cahill CM, Canteras NS, Khakh BS, Kao JC, Adhikari A
Neuron (2021)


Two views on the cognitive brain
Barack DL, Krakauer JW
Nat Rev Neurosci (2021)


Eliminating Animal Agriculture Would Negate 56 Percent of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through 2100
Eisen MB, Brown PO
bioRxiv (2021)

Superlab Papers

Human touch receptors are sensitive to spatial details on the scale of single fingerprint ridges
Jarocka E, Pruszynski JA, Johansson RS
J Neurosci (2021)


Articles appear on this list because they caught our eye, but their appearance here is not necessarily an endorsement of the work. We hope that you find something on this list you might not otherwise have come across—but, as always, please read with a critical eye.