Reading List 133


November 12, 2021

More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Elephants evolved strategies reducing the biomechanical complexity of their trunk
Dagenais P, Hensman S, Haechler V, Milinkovitch MC
Curr Biol (2021)
Also see the Dispatch article here


Magnetic resonance-based eye tracking using deep neural networks
Frey M, Nau M, Doeller CF
Nat Neurosci (2021)


Rotational dynamics in motor cortex are consistent with a feedback controller
Kalidindi HT, Cross KP, Lillicrap TP, Omrani M, Falotico E, Sabes PN, Scott SH
Elife 10 (2021)


Express Arm Responses Appear Bilaterally on Upper-limb Muscles in an Arm Choice Reaching Task
Kearsley SL, Cecala AL, Kozak RA, Corneil BD


Insular cortex neurons encode and retrieve specific immune responses
Koren T, Yifa R, Amer M, Krot M, Boshnak N, Ben-Shaanan TL, Azulay-Debby H, Zalayat I, Avishai E, Hajjo H, Schiller M, Haykin H, Korin B, Farfara D, Hakim F, Kobiler O, Rosenblum K, Rolls A
Cell (2021)


Distributed sensory coding by cerebellar complex spikes in units of cortical segments
Michikawa T, Yoshida T, Kuroki S, Ishikawa T, Kakei S, Kimizuka R, Saito A, Yokota H, Shimizu A, Itohara S, Miyawaki A
Cell Rep 37:109966 (2021)


Finger representations in primary somatosensory cortex are modulated during vibrotactile working memory
Rabe F, Kikkert S, Wenderoth N


insideOut: A Bio-Inspired Machine Learning Approach to Estimating Posture in Robots Driven by Compliant Tendons
Hagen DA, Marjaninejad A, Loeb GE, Valero-Cuevas FJ
Front Neurorobot 15:679122 (2021)


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Articles appear on this list because they caught our eye, but their appearance here is not necessarily an endorsement of the work. We hope that you find something on this list you might not otherwise have come across—but, as always, please read with a critical eye.