Reading List 244


May 10, 2024

More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

This week we continue our new feature (see below): the Sensorimotor Superlab Journal Club. In our lab meeting we discuss a paper from the list, and invite one of the authors to give a presentation and answer questions. We post a video of the meeting on YouTube, and we post a link to the video here.

—the superlab


The convergence of monosynaptic excitatory afferents on to many different species of alpha motoneurones
Eccles JC, Eccles RM, Lundberg A
J Physiol 137:22–50


Slow touch and ultrafast pain fibres: Revisiting peripheral nerve classification
Olausson H, Marshall A, Nagi SS, Cole J
Clin Neurophysiol


Protection of savings by reducing the salience of opposing errors
Javidialsaadi M, Albert ST, Moufarrej S Al Mutairi B, Wang J


Chord skill: learning optimized hand postures and bimanual coordination
Verwey WB
Exp Brain Res 241:1643–1659


The coming decade of digital brain research: A vision for neuroscience at the intersection of technology and computing
Amunts K et al.
Imaging Neuroscience 2:1–35


Hippocampal ripples mediate motor learning during brief rest breaks in humans
Sjøgård M, Baxter B, Mylonas D, Driscoll B, Kwok K, Tolosa A, Thompson M, Stickgold R, Vangel M, Chu CJ, Manoach DS


Distinct anatomical and functional corticospinal inputs innervate different spinal neuron types
Fageiry S, Warriner CL, Loper J, Pianski L, Reardon T, Jessell TM, Costa RM, Miri A


Dimensionality reduction beyond neural subspaces with slice tensor component analysis
Pellegrino A, Stein H, Cayco-Gajic NA
Nat Neurosci


Biases in hand perception are driven by somatosensory computations, not a distorted hand model
Peviani VC, Miller LE, Medendorp WP
Curr Biol


Tactile edges and motion via patterned microstimulation of the human cortex
Valle G, Alamari AH, Lienkamper R, Downey JE, Sobinov AR, Endsley LJ, Prasad D, Boninger ML, Collinger JL, Warnke PW, Hatsopoulos NG, Miller LE, Gaunt RA, Greenspon CM, Bensmaia SJ


Mixed selectivity: Cellular computations for complexity
Tye KM, Miller EK, Taschbach FH, Benna MK, Rigotti M, Fusi S

Journal Club

This week in the sensorimotor superlab lab meeting we welcomed Francesco Torricelli (Univ Ferrara) to discuss his recent review examining motor invariances in action execution:

Motor invariants in action execution and perception
Torricelli F, Tomassini A, Pezzulo G, Pozzo T, Fadiga L, D’Ausilio A
Physics of Life Reviews 44:13-47



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Articles appear on this list because they caught our eye, but their appearance here is not necessarily an endorsement of the work. We hope that you find something on this list you might not otherwise have come across—but, as always, please read with a critical eye.