More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


High-order interactions explain the collective behavior of cortical populations in executive but not sensory areas
Chelaru MI, Eagleman S, Andrei AR, Milton R, Kharas N, Dragoi V
Neuron (2021)


Functional architecture of neural circuits for leg proprioception in Drosophila
Chen C, Agrawal S, Mark B, Mamiya A, Sustar A, Phelps JS, Lee W-CA, Dickson BJ, Card GM, Tuthill JC
Curr Biol (2021)


The response to background motion: Characteristics of a movement stabilization mechanism
Crowe EM, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E
J Vis 21:3 (2021)


Neural dynamics of illusory tactile pulling sensations
De Havas J, Ito S, Bestmann S, Gomi H


Preserved motor representations after paralysis
Guan C, Aflalo T, Zhang CY, Rosario ER, Pouratian N, Andersen RA


How learning unfolds in the brain: toward an optimization view
Hennig JA, Oby ER, Losey DM, Batista AP, Yu BM, Chase SM
Neuron (2021)


Time-tagged ticker tapes for intracellular recordings
Lin D, Li X (ted), Park P, Tang B, Shen H, Grimm JB, Falco N, Baker D, Lavis LD, Cohen AE


Recording of cellular physiological histories along optically readable self-assembling protein chains
Linghu C, An B, Shpokayte M, Celiker OT, Shmoel N, Zhang C, Park WM, Ramirez S, Boyden ES


M1 dynamics share similar inputs for initiating and correcting movement
Malonis PJ, Hatsopoulos NG, MacLean JN, Kaufman MT


Neurorobotic fusion of prosthetic touch, kinesthesia, and movement in bionic upper limbs promotes intrinsic brain behaviors
Marasco PD, Hebert JS, Sensinger JW, Beckler DT, Thumser ZC, Shehata AW, Williams HE, Wilson KR
Sci Robot 6:eabf3368 (2021)


Differential effects of cerebellar degeneration on feedforward versus feedback control across speech and reaching movements
Parrell B, Kim HE, Breska A, Saxena A, Ivry RB
J Neurosci (2021)


Effect of wearing diapers on toddler’s gait
Ueda T, Asano H, Tsuge K, Seo K, Sudo M, Fukuda Y, Okuda Y, Kataoka K, Iwasaki H, Naito H, Lu DJ
Sci Rep 11:20105 (2021)


Reward timing matters in motor learning
Vassiliadis P, Lete A, Duque J, Derosiere G

Superlab Papers

Estimating correlations between noisy activity patterns: A trick problem with a generative solution
Diedrichsen J, Ariani G, Berlot E
Brain, Data, and Science 10/11/2021


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