More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Cardiac Activity Impacts Cortical Motor Excitability
Al E, Stephani T, Engelhardt M, Villringer A, Nikulin V
Research Square (2021)


Memory Reactivation During Sleep Improves Execution of a Challenging Motor Skill
Cheng LY, Che T, Tomic G, Slutzky MW, Paller KA
J Neurosci (2021)


Cortex-independent open-loop control of a voluntary orofacial motor action
Elbaz M, Demers M, Kleinfeld D, Ethier C, Deschênes M


Cortical responses to touch reflect subcortical integration of LTMR signals
Emanuel AJ, Lehnert BP, Panzeri S, Harvey CD, Ginty DD
Nature (2021)


Similarities Between Somatosensory Cortical Responses Induced via Natural Touch and Microstimulation in the Ventral Posterior Lateral Thalamus in Macaques
Francis JT, Rozenboym A, von Kraus L, Xu S, Chhatbar P, Semework M, Hawley E, Chapin J


Neural optimal feedback control with local learning rules
Friedrich J, Golkar S, Farashahi S, Genkin A, Sengupta AM, Chklovskii DB
arXiv [q-bioNC] (2021)


Embodied intelligence via learning and evolution
Gupta A, Savarese S, Ganguli S, Fei-Fei L
Nat Commun 12:5721 (2021)


Theta Dynamics Contribute to Retrieving Motor Plans after Interruptions in the Primate Premotor Area
Hosaka R, Watanabe H, Nakajima T, Mushiake H
Cereb Cortex (2021)


Sequential and efficient neural-population coding of complex task information
Koay SA, Charles AS, Thiberge SY, Brody CD, Tank DW
Neuron (2021)


Children are more exploratory and learn more than adults in an approach-avoid task
Liquin EG, Gopnik A
Cognition 218:104940 (2021)


Tool use and language share syntactic processes and neural patterns in the basal ganglia
Thibault S, Py R, Gervasi AM, Salemme R, Koun E, Lövden M, Boulenger V, Roy AC, Brozzoli C
Science 374:eabe0874 (2021)


Prehension kinematics in humans and macaques
Yan Y, Sobinov AR, Bensmaia SJ


Beyond t test and ANOVA: applications of mixed-effects models for more rigorous statistical analysis in neuroscience research
Yu Z, Guindani M, Grieco SF, Chen L, Holmes TC, Xu X
Neuron (2021)


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