More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Increasing human motor skill acquisition by driving theta-gamma coupling
Akkad H, Dupont-Hadwen J, Kane E, Evans C, Barrett L, Frese A, Tetkovic I, Bestmann S, Stagg CJ
Elife 10 (2021)


Why motor imagery isn’t really motoric: Towards a reconceptualization in terms of effect-based action control
Bach P, Frank C, Kunde W
PsyArXiv (2021)


Composition and decomposition of visuomotor maps during manual tracking
Bernier P-M, Mathew J, Danion FR
J Neurophysiol 126:1685–1697 (2021)


Observation of others’ actions during limb immobilization prevents the subsequent decay of motor performance
De Marco D, Scalona E, Bazzini MC, Nuara A, Taglione E, Lopomo NF, Rizzolatti G, Fabbri-Destro M, Avanzini P
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 118 (2021)


Hybrid dedicated and distributed coding in PMd/M1 provides separation and interaction of bilateral arm signals
Dixon TC, Merrick CM, Wallis JD, Ivry RB, Carmena JM
PLoS Comput Biol 17:e1009615 (2021)


Modulation of Cutaneous Responses in the Cuneate Nucleus of Macaques During Active Movement
He Q, Versteeg CS, Suresh AK, Rosenow J, Miller LE, Bensmaia SJ


Contextual inference underlies the learning of sensorimotor repertoires
Heald JB, Lengyel M, Wolpert DM
Nature (2021)


Regular rhythmic and audio-visual stimulations enhance procedural learning of a perceptual-motor sequence in healthy adults: A pilot study
Lagarrigue Y, Cappe C, Tallet J
PLoS One 16:e0259081 (2021)


Left Hemisphere Dominance for Bilateral Kinematic Encoding in the Human Brain
Merrick CM, Dixon TC, Breska A, Lin JJ, Chang EF, King-Stephens D, Laxer KD, Weber PB, Carmena JM, Knight RT, Ivry RB


Repetition effects in action planning reflect effector- but not hemisphere-specific coding
Seegelke C, Schonard C, Heed T
J Neurophysiol (2021)


Playing the piano with a robotic third thumb: assessing constraints of human augmentation
Shafti A, Haar S, Mio R, Guilleminot P, Faisal AA
Sci Rep 11:21375 (2021)


Hierarchical organization of rhesus macaque behavior
Voloh B, Eisenreich BR, Maisson DJ-N, Becket Ebitz R, Park HS, Hayden BY, Zimmermann J


Motor plans under uncertainty reflect a trade-off between maximizing reward and success
Wong AL, Green AL, Isaacs MW


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