More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Cerebellar associative learning underlies skilled reach adaptation
Calame DJ, Becker MI, Person AL


Integrated linkage-driven dexterous anthropomorphic robotic hand
Kim U, Jung D, Jeong H, Park J, Jung H-M, Cheong J, Choi HR, Do H, Park C
Nat Commun 12:7177 (2021)


Transforming representations of movement from body- to world-centric space
Lu J, Behbahani AH, Hamburg L, Westeinde EA, Dawson PM, Lyu C, Maimon G, Dickinson MH, Druckmann S, Wilson RI
Nature (2021)


Building an allocentric travelling direction signal via vector computation
Lyu C, Abbott LF, Maimon G
Nature (2021)


Preparing to move: Setting initial conditions to simplify interactions with complex objects
Nayeem R, Bazzi S, Sadeghi M, Hogan N, Sternad D
PLoS Comput Biol 17:e1009597


Neuronal population dynamics during motor plan cancellation in non-human primates
Pani P, Giamundo M, Giarrocco F, Mione V, Brunamonti E, Mattia M, Ferraina S


Neural Readout of a Latency Code in the Active Electrosensory System
Perks KE, Sawtell NB


Central nervous system physiology
Rothwell J, Antal A, Burke D, Carlsen A, Georgiev D, Jahanshahi M, Sternad D, Valls-Solé J, Ziemann U
Clin Neurophysiol 132:3043–3083


The geometry of decision-making in individuals and collectives
Sridhar VH, Li L, Gorbonos D, Nagy M, Schell BR, Sorochkin T, Gov NS, Couzin ID
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 118


Rapid adaptation of brain-computer interfaces to new neuronal ensembles or participants via generative modelling
Wen S, Yin A, Furlanello T, Perich MG, Miller LE, Itti L
Nat Biomed Eng (2021)


Categorical working memory codes in human visual cortex
Yan C, Christophel TB, Allefeld C, Haynes J-D


Resurgent Na+ currents promote ultrafast spiking in projection neurons that drive fine motor control
Zemel BM, Nevue AA, Dagostin A, Lovell PV, Mello CV, von Gersdorff H
Nat Commun 12:6762


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Articles appear on this list because they caught our eye, but their appearance here is not necessarily an endorsement of the work. We hope that you find something on this list you might not otherwise have come across—but, as always, please read with a critical eye.