Here are the articles that we are reading this week.

—Paul, Andrew & Jörn


Asymptotic limits of sensorimotor adaptation
Albert ST, Jang J, Sheahan H, Teunissen L, Vandevoorde K, Shadmehr R
bioRxiv:868406 (2019)


Attractor dynamics gate cortical information flow during decision-making
Finkelstein A, Fontolan L, Economo MN, Li N, Romani S, Svoboda K
bioRxiv:2019.12.14.876425 (2019)


Grasping adjustments to haptic, visual, and visuo-haptic object perturbations are contingent on the sensory modality
Camponogara I, Volcic R
J Neurophysiol 122:2614–2620 (2019)


Multimodal stimuli modulate rapid visual responses during reaching
Glover IS, Baker SN
J Neurophysiol 122:1894–1908 (2019)


Precise timing is ubiquitous, consistent, and coordinated across a comprehensive, spike-resolved flight motor program
Putney J, Conn R, Sponberg S
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2019)


Latent space visualization, characterization, and generation of diverse vocal communication signals
Sainburg T, Thielk M, Gentner TQ
bioRxiv:870311 (2019)


Short reaction times in response to multi-electrode intracortical microstimulation may provide a basis for rapid movement-related feedback
Sombeck JT, Miller LE
J Neural Eng 17:016013 (2019)


Quantifying exploration in reward-based motor learning
van Mastrigt NM, Smeets JBJ, van der Kooij K
bioRxiv:869735 (2019)


Forelimb movements evoked by optogenetic stimulation of the macaque motor cortex
Watanabe H, Sano H, Chiken S, Kobayashi K, Fukata Y, Fukata M, Mushiake H, Nambu A
bioRxiv:2019.12.13.876219 (2019)


Deep Convolutional Neural Networks as Models of the Visual System: Q&A
Lindsay, G
Neurdiness (2019)


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