More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


The Nature of Finger Enslaving: New Results and Their Implications
Abolins V, Latash ML
Motor Control (2021)


Vision for action: thalamic and cortical inputs to the macaque superior parietal lobule
Gamberini M, Passarelli L, Filippini M, Fattori P, Galletti C
Brain Struct Funct (2021)


Causal reductionism and causal structures
Grasso M, Albantakis L, Lang JP, Tononi G
Nat Neurosci (2021)


Express Arm Responses Appear Bilaterally on Upper-limb Muscles in Arm Choice Reaching Task
Kearsley SL, Cecala AL, Kozak RA, Corneil BD


Predicting individual neuron responses with anatomically constrained task optimization
Mano O, Creamer MS, Badwan BA, Clark DA
Curr Biol (2021)


Neuromuscular connectomes across development reveal synaptic ordering rules
Meirovitch Y, Kang K, Draft RW, Pavarino EC, Echeverri MFH, Yang F, Turney SG, Berger DR, Peleg A, Schalek RL, Lu J, Tapia J-C, Lichtman JW


The science and engineering behind sensitized brain-controlled bionic hands
Pandarinath C, Bensmaia SJ
Physiol Rev (2021)


The Contribution of Premotor Cortico-Striatal Projections to the Execution of Serial Order Sequences
Sánchez-Fuentes A, Ramírez-Armenta KI, Verma-Rodríguez AK, Díaz-Hernández E, Aguilar-Palomares A, Ramírez-Jarquín JO, Tecuapetla F
eNeuro 8 (2021)


Emergence of robust self-organized undulatory swimming based on local hydrodynamic force sensing
Thandiackal R, Melo K, Paez L, Herault J, Kano T, Akiyama K, Boyer F, Ryczko D, Ishiguro A, Ijspeert AJ
Sci Robot 6 (2021)


Biorobotic insights into neuromechanical coordination of undulatory swimming
Tytell ED, Long JH Jr
Sci Robot 6 (2021)


Adaptive plasticity in the spinal cord can produce reaching from scratch and reproduces motor cortex directional tuning
Verduzco-Flores S, De Schutter E
arXiv [q-bioNC] (2021)


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