More than 20 trainees and PIs from the Sensorimotor Superlab at Western University contribute to this reading list. Here are the articles that have interested us this week.

—the superlab


Memory, space, and planning: Multiscale predictive representations
Momennejad I
arXiv [csAI]


Skin preparation–free, stretchable microneedle adhesive patches for reliable electrophysiological sensing and exoskeleton robot control
Kim H et al.
Sci Adv


The developmental timing of spinal touch processing alterations predicts behavioral changes in genetic mouse models of autism spectrum disorders
Tasnim A, Alkislar I, Hakim R, Turecek J, Abdelaziz A, Orefice LL, Ginty DD
Nat Neurosci


Neural population dynamics reveals disruption of spinal circuits’ responses to proprioceptive input during electrical stimulation of sensory afferents
Katic Secerovic N et al.
Cell Rep 43:113695


Cerebellar-Induced Aphasia After Stroke: Evidence for the “Linguistic Cerebellum.”
Satoer D, Koudstaal PJ, Visch-Brink E, van der Giessen RS
The Cerebellum


Somatosensory impact on motor cortex: how touch shapes motor behaviour
Zafarana A, Muret D, Farne A, Tamè L


Rapid online corrections for proprioceptive and visual perturbations recruit similar circuits in primary motor cortex
Cross KP, Cook DJ, Scott SH


Proprioceptive acuity for landmarks on the hand and digits
Darling WG, Zuck BI, Mikhail L, Adhikari J
Exp Brain Res 242:491–503


Modulation of motor surround inhibition during motor tasks
Kassavetis P, Camacho T, Levine M, Hallett M
Exp Brain Res 242:367–374


Bridging two insect flight modes in evolution, physiology and robophysics
Gau J, Lynch J, Aiello B, Wold E, Gravish N, Sponberg S
Nature 622:767–774


A specialized inhibitory function sharpens somatosensory hand representation and enhances the production and perception of fast multifinger movements in pianists
Hirano M, Kimoto Y, Shiotani S, Furuya S


Task structure and nonlinearity jointly determine learned representational geometry
Alleman M, Lindsey JW, Fusi S
arXiv [csLG]

Superlab Papers

A hierarchical atlas of the human cerebellum for functional precision mapping
Nettekoven CR, Zhi D, Shahshahani L, Luisa Pinho A, Saadon-Grosmann N, Diedrichsen J


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